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Odessa is a port on Odessa Bay of the Black Sea. With the territory 160 square km and population over 1 million people it is one of the largest Ukrainian cities. Odessa is a major industrial, cultural, scientific, and resort centre in the Northern Black Sea region. Ukrainians, Russians and Jews predominate in Odessa's cosmopolitan population.

For years Odessa has been known under the name «Pearl by the Sea». The city was always famous for its uniqueness – first as the Southern gate to the Russian Empire and the only city where the Jews were allowed to stay, then as a location of the magnificent Opera House, Deribassovskaya Street, Primorsky Boulevard and Potoymkin Stairs and a birthplace of brilliant musicians, writers and robbers. Odessa is not only a seaside resort, it is place with incredible histories, original humour and witty jokes. Now Odessa is also night life centre of Ukraine with number of cool disco clubs.

Odessa logo
But lets back to the main topic. On April, 2, 2008 Odessa City Mayor has started a competition for the best city tourism logo. The term of contest had been extended for several times and finally it has finished on December, 22, 2008 while the logo was presented on February, 5, 2009. Bohush Communications (Kyiv, Ukraine) with its logo (see below) became the winner of the contest. As for me this identity symbol is out-of-date, have too simple background and lousy idea.
However, Odessa City Council has not approved that proposed logotype design in February 2009. In the opinion of leading designers, architects, and Odessa citizens, the smiling sun design does not accurately reflect the character and the essence of Odessa, its deep cultural background and storied history. So for several months, designers, artists, and architects worked on an alternative version of Odessa’s tourism logo, and then turned to the Internet for help.
Proposed logo versions:
Logo 1.

Logo 2.
Logo 3.

  Logo 4.
Logo 5.

Logo 6.
Logo 7. 

For a limited time (till the end of January), visitors Savva Libkin’s blog or LiveJournal (http://logo.of.odessa.ua/) could vote for the logo that best represents the historically rich, multifaceted European metropolis. Results of the Internet audience choices one might see at http://savva-libkin.com/15-01-2010/results-tourist-logo-odessa/

Logo 1 won in the survey. As for me 1 and 2 is the most strong one while others obviously quite weak. What is your opinion? Any way hope finally Odessa will receive nice and creative tourist logo which could attract people to this marvellous city.

P.S. Official Odessa Web http://www.odessa.ua/?lang=en


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Hey guys, seems that somebody already stolen your logo 1 or did they buy it? see:


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Hi, I'm from León, Guanajuato, Mexico. You should look this page http://www.ferialeon.org/, the logo of "Feria de León 2012" is almost the same of "Logo 1."

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Maybe you should see this, is it one of this logos?:



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I've found an illegal use of the logo, Unffair.jpg I was wonder if you all ready know it and if you are interested in do something.

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